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We specialize in designing, building and installing electrical control systems, PLC programming and HMI programming.

IQ Corporation (IQC) provides engineering design and software solutions to manufacturing companies located throughout the United States. We provide mission critical applications that are of high visibility and require maximum traceability. We work closely with each customer to identify the level of traceability that is required and will implement a solution that will satisfy your needs whether it be required by regulation, management or quality control. Utilizing sophisticated tracking and database management techniques, the solution typically provides a window into the process that enables the customer to manage the business at maximum throughput while maintaining high production quality. IQC employs a unique, deterministic, sequence state design and programming methodology to produce predictable, robust, safe control system solutions. We feel that the solutions we provide allow our customers to take ownership of our systems and have a complete understanding of the system capabilities.


IQ Corporation's (IQC) unique, deterministic sequence state methodology divides a complex control task up into multiple interlocking smaller tasks that together obtain the desired system results.

Utilizing this methodology helps develop a thorough understanding of what needs to be accomplished while giving the customer the ability to review the system design with high granularity.

We strive to develop intelligent solutions that reduce cognative load from process operators, which is promoted by our hands-on approach to all tasks.

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Our Services

We specialize in automation engineering and provide engineering design and software solutions to manufacturing companies located throughout the United States.


Designs big and small, from automating an entire plant facility to designing a single pc computer


We build and install custom panels and enclosures and can even 3D print and prototype


We design and integrate electrical panels and systems


Automated and paperless reports are the new standard to avoid critical errors


Extensive coding knowledge gives us great resources and flexability


We can troubleshoot and fix other peoples errors

Life Science

We are compliant with strict pharmaceutical regulations and current good manufacturing practices


We offer group and individual training for our systems along with arc flash safety training

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