Industrial Automation Specialists

IQC can be contacted using any of the methods below.


Office Address:
3817 Valley Blvd.
Walnut, CA 91789

Ken Sultany, Senior Project Engineer
Tel: 909.860.5891
Mobile: 951.522.3163
Skype: IQC-Ken
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Greg Pirch, Senior Project Engineer
Tel: 830.399.4193
Mobile: 714.335.9098
Skype: IQC-Greg
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Bob Munch, Senior Project Engineer
Mobile: 323.481.4460
Skype: IQC-Bob
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Ken Christensen , Senior Project Engineer
Mobile: 951.285.0600
Skype: IQC-KenC
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Paul Ventura, Project Engineer
Mobile: 818.402.2091
Skype: IQC-Paul
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James Ferrer , Associate Engineer
Mobile: 626.862.3194
Skype: IQC-James
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Andrew Hagen, Associate Engineer & Technical Writer
Mobile: 763.234.0222
Skype: IQC-Andrew
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Benjamin Lopez Jr , Trainer & Technical Writer
Mobile: 626.736.3293
Skype: IQC-Ben
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