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IQ Corporation (IQC) employs data collection, databases and data mining as integral parts of our automation systems. The same sensors and actuators used to control your plant are also used to provide performance data on your plant’s operating parameters and throughput.

Where others in the industry rely on Microsoft Excel to solve the "Data collection requirement" associated with Process implementations, IQC’s solution utilizes scalable database platforms (MS Access, MSSQL, Oracle, Etc.) that provide for sophisticated, robust, and secure Data collection and storage as well as tremendous data storage and complex reporting abilities. These platforms provide maximum flexibility for future growth, easy integration to web based systems, and interoperability with existing back office MES systems.

IQC’s database solutions can provide your plant with:

  • Real Time Process Monitoring / Trending
  • Historical Process Monitoring / Trending
  • Batch History and Traceability
  • Real Time Inventory Control
  • Maintenance Trending and Traceability
  • Work Flow analysis based on historical performances

Allow us to show you how a database platform can convert your existing, manual, tedious and cumbersome analysis techniques into fully automated solutions.

IQC has also been trained, and has utilized our database skills with other industry leading products. We have worked closely with the Wondeware Industrial SQL package to develop Stored procedures and reporting methods to enhance Active Factory Components and have provided services for OSIsoft PI system historian, SAP Lighthammer, and iFIX Historian.

From building simple Batch Process Logging Database applications to complex multi-level Enterprise solutions intended to mirror specific business models, IQC has the skills to apply a custom solution for you.

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