Industrial Automation Specialists


Wonderware In-Touch Course Outline - (2 Day Training Course)


This course introduces students to the Wonderware In-Touch HMI development software.  Students will learn how to create and configure new applications, plan the tag database, Configure the I/O data server, create graphic screens, navigate and search the tag database and configure alarm groups, alarm banners and screens. 


  1. InTouch Software Overview.
  2. Creating and Configuring new applications.
  3. Configuring I/O data servers.
  4.  Create Graphic Screens.
    1. Creating and configuring windows.
    2. Using Wizards.
    3. Animating Objects.
    4. Using Buttons
    5. Using Numeric Displays.
  5. Advanced Skills
    1. Using Super Tags.
    2. Using Indirect Tags.
    3. Using Scripts.
    4. Configuring Data Logging.
    5. Configuring Real Time & Historical Trends
    6. Configuring Alarming.
    7. Configuring Securities.
  6. Maintenance Skills.
    1. Backing Up your applications.
    2. Re-Installing Wonderware.
    3. Using NAD (Network Application Deployment)

All courses are “Hands-On” with actual software.  In addition each student will receive a Course Handbook and Instructional CD to take home with them.

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