Industrial Automation Specialists


Allen Bradley PowerFlex Drives Course Outline - (1 Day Training Course)


This course introduces students to the Allen Bradley PowerFlex family of AC Variable Frequency motor drives.
Participants will be presented with an overview of the available PowerFlex drives and learn how to identify a drive from it’s catalog number, how to connect to the incoming AC and the motor, as well as wiring the drive to the control signals. 
The course will then present the configuration and programming of the drive via the front panel Human Interface Module LCD (HIM).  Explanation of the various parameters will be presented as well how to modify the parameters. 


  1. PowerFlex Hardware Overview
  2. Identification of Drives from the Catalog number
  3. Wiring of Drive
  4. Front Panel (HIM) Configuration including:
    1. Parameter explanation.
    2. Parameter editing.
    3. Safety Considerations
  5. Drive Start-Up.
  6. Speed Control Methods.
  7. Troubleshooting PowerFlex systems.

All courses are “Hands-On” with actual hardware.  In addition each student will receive a Course Handbook and Instructional CD to take home with them.

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