Industrial Automation Specialists


Allen Bradley PanelView Plus / RSViewME Course Outline - (2 Day Training Course)


This course introduces students to the PanelView Plus Operator Interface (OIT) Family.  Students will learn how to plan and implement a well designed Operator Interface (OIT). 
Participants will be presented with an overview of the PanelView Plus family of hardware and the software used for developing applications for it. 


The RSViewME programming software will be covered in detail.  Topics covered will be:

  1. Structuring the Program.
  2. Creating Tags and the Tag Database.
  3. Setting up Communication with the Processor.
  4. Creating Graphics Screens and Displays Including:
    1. Using Global Objects and Parameter files.
    2. Animating Objects.
    3. Using the Expression Editor
    4. Using Macros
  5. Creating Alarm Messages and Triggers.
  6. Configuring the Alarm Banner.
  7. Setting up Screen Security.
  8. Creating and Managing Recipes.
  9. Uploading, Downloading and Archiving Aopplications.
All courses are “Hands-On” with actual hardware.  In addition each student will receive a Course Handbook and Instructional CD to take home with them.

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