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Allen Bradley ControlLogix Course Outline - (2 Day Training Course)


This course introduces students to the fundamental aspects of a ControlLogix PLC system.

The ControlLogix architecture is a part of the next generation of control systems from Rockwell Automation and is a significantly different platform from the PLC5 and SLC500 systems.  One powerful feature of the ControlLogix family is its’ use of ControlNet.  With ControlNet any I/O module on the network can be “Owned”: by any processor on the network.  This means that one control panel, with one rack, can have I/O modules within that rack controlled by different processors.

Participants will be presented with an overview of the hardware and how each hardware component fits into the automation environment.  Basic Electrical theory, such as the connection of Valves, Limit switches and analog I/O will be covered to explain HOW ControlLogix is able to control field devices.

The course will then introduce the RSlogix5000 programming software.  This software utilizes a tag-based programming environment and is quite different from earlier PLC programming packages.  The course will present the Tag based approach to Ladder Logic programming. Topics covered will be Structuring the program, Creating Tasks, Addressing / Tag creation, I/O Configuration, Editing and Documenting programs from within the RSLogix5000 software.  By the end of this lesson the student should feel comfortable navigating and editing programs from within the RSLogix5000 environment.

Participants will then learn the RSLinx communications software and how to use it to go “On-Line” with a ControlLogix processor.  The students will configure RSLinx to establish connections using various protocols such as: Serial, Data Highway Plus (DH+) and Ethernet communication drivers.  Students will become proficient at going “On-Line” and Uploading / Downloading programs.

The final course topic is troubleshooting ControlLogix systems.  Participants will be shown common techniques and methods for isolating, identifying and fixing problems in a ControlLogix system.  The instructors will convey invaluable tips on troubleshooting this new platform.


  1. ControlLogix Hardware Overview
  2. Basic Electric Theory and the ControlLogix
  3. RSlogix 5000 Software
  4. Tag Based approach to Ladder Logic Programming.
  5. Structuring a ControlLogix program.
  6. Creating Tasks
  7. Address/Tag creation.
  8. I/O Configuration.
  9. Editing and Documenting Logic programs.
  10. Core Ladder Logic Industry distributed I/O Overview.
  11. RSlinx Communications software.
    1. Establish communications to Processor.
    2. Uploading and Downloading.
  12. Troubleshooting ControlLogix systems.

All courses are “Hands-On” with actual handbook and Instructional CD to take home with them.

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