Industrial Automation Specialists


Allen Bradley DeiceNet I/O Systems Course Outline - (2 Day Training Course)


This course introduces students to the DeviceNet I/O system.  DeviceNet is a low-level control bus that connects industrial devices, such as sensors and actuators, to higher level controlling devices like a PLC.  DeviceNet connects I/O devices such as limit switches, photoelectric sensors, motor starters, and variable-frequency drives, via a single communications cable, thus eliminating extensive and costly wiring of I/O devices.
Participants will begin with an overview of the DeviceNet system, best applications for it, various cabling topologies available, system limitations, and how to actually configure I/O on an established DeviceNet using RSNetworx software. 


  1. DeviceNet System Overview.
  2. Designing a DeviceNet network.
    1. Understanding Cable Types (Thick, Mid Flat).
    2. Distance Limitations.
    3. Tap Types.
  3. Software configuration using RSNetworx.
  4. Troubleshooting the DeviceNet network.
  5. Putting it together - actually configuring a PLC to communicate with DeviceNet I/O wired and programmed by the student.

All courses are “Hands-On” with actual hardware.  In addition each student will receive a Course Handbook and Instructional CD to take home with them.

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