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IQ Corporation (IQC) has developed an HVAC control system tailored precisely to the demands of the pharmaceutical industry. Our Allen Bradley based solution provides for extremely tight control of room pressures, temperatures, and humidity as well as provides for SCADA trending and reporting. Our system is adaptable to all types of packaged Air-handlers and can help you easily meet your regulatory requirements.

Additional benefits include:

  • Elimination of extra costs and fees associated with maintaining a proprietary HVAC system from the likes of Honeywell, Landis and Gyre, or Robert Shaw thanks to our use of standard Allen Bradley factory automation equipment.
  • Independence from outside contractors. Most manufacturing plants already have staff trained in the setup and use of Allen Bradley products and can maintain these controls in-house.
  • Open system for end-user modifications because the system can be supported in-house it is completely modifiable as the end-user refines their specifications and operations.
  • Excellent Networkability. By utilizing the standard Allen Bradley factory automation equipment the end user can network the equipment in practically any protocol. Ethernet, DH+, DeviceNet, Modbus, Field bus, DH+, etc.
  • Robust connectivity to other enterprise software systems. By utilizing the standard Allen Bradley factory automation equipment the end user can easily obtain software drivers and “bridges” needed to bring HVAC data into other software applications for User display, Historical Data Trending, Real Time Data Trending, and Alarming.
  • Auto Recovery routines built in so that the systems automatically re-starts following power outages. This unattended re-start ensures that classed areas recovery as quickly as possible from unplanned outages.
  • Energy saving routines are included to maximize the system’s efficiency while not infringing upon regulatory requirements.

In addition to our HVAC Control system, IQC has also developed systems to control Cooling Towers, Multi Stage Chillers, and complete chilled Water Loops. All our systems utilize standard Allen Bradley factory automation equipment providing the end user with an open, adaptable and low cost system possessing all the advantages listed above.

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