Industrial Automation Specialists

IQ Corporation's (IQC) unique, deterministic sequence state methodology divides a complex control task up into multiple interlocking smaller tasks that together obtain the desired system results.

Utilizing this methodology helps:

1. Develop a thorough understanding of the process / machine control requirements (exactly what needs to be accomplished with the control system).
2. Develop a design solution meeting the above defined requirements (how the requirements will be met with hardware, software and a systems architecture).
3. Develop a sequence of operations, even if rough or preliminary, for the control system.
4. Give the customer the ability to review the system design at a high resolution.
5. Enable the customer to ensure that all their requirements have been satisfied by the detailed system design prior to programming or implementation.

Produce documentation of system operation in a graphical format that can be easily understood by both technical and non-technical personnel.  This approach aides in:

  a. Control System modifications / additions
  b. Maintenance
  c. Training
  d. Troubleshooting
7. Exercise and simulate the system in a controlled environment. Each task and sub-task will have been proven to operate as required prior to on-site startup. This thorough simulation drastically reduces the onsite startup time required to place the system into production.


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